Motivation in the 21st Century Classroom, a plenary by David Bradshaw


David Bradshaw, plenary speaker for the 35th TESOL Greece Convention



This talk addresses the possibilities for changes in methodology offered by technology which are aimed at improving the motivation of students and teachers alike. We will examine how multimedia can be given a greater role in the classroom, how we can make greater use of our students’ own interests and discuss how textbooks can be made more relevant. Finally we will explore new possibilities for CPD.


The aim of this talk is to discuss opportunities for changes in methodology which may lead to increased motivation in the classroom. The talk is based around three main concepts which are designed to bring greater motivation for students – Visualisation, Personalisation and Localisation. Visualisation addresses the growing role of multimedia and how we can incorporate this into the learning experience. Personalisation discusses how we can bring our students’ personal interests into the classroom. And Localisation addresses the need for materials which reflect the reality of the students using them, rather than emphasising native-speaker culture. The session will end with a look at how to bring greater motivation to teachers through a more personalised approach to Continuing Professional Development, thanks to new developments online.


David Bradshaw has been teaching in bilingual schools in Spain for over twenty years. He is currently working in the design and development of a bilingual programme in a group of private schools in Madrid. His main interests are in the teaching of writing and speaking skills, and the preparation of students for the Cambridge exams.


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